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Frequently Asked Covid-19 Questions

The pandemic continues to evolve quickly, and we will need to adapt our policies and procedures to match the guidance that will be in effect when camp takes place. Formal procedures in line with those guidelines will be distributed to participants and staff before camp begins.

How is KS accounting for the Covid-19 pandemic?

The pandemic has uprooted many lives and many routines, one of which was the tradition of annual bandura camps. This year, we are making a special effort to hold Kobzarska Sich, with extensive precautions to be taken in order to ensure the safety of campers and staff.

The pandemic has been very difficult for my family's finances. Can I still attend KS?

We know that the past year has been difficult for many families. Our pledge to you is this: if you want to attend camp but cannot afford to out of financial difficulty, we will work with our donors to make sure you can join us this summer.

What if the Covid-19 situation changes, come July?

Regardless of how the situation evolves, we will carefully study the most current official guidance in order to ensure camp takes place safely. We understand that there may be a lot of questions about these protocols and procedures. Please feel free to reach out to us, but we also recommend that you consider first reviewing the following documents:

  • Field Guide for Camps on Implementation of CDC Guidance, published by the American Camp Association. In particular, please see Chapter 3, “Screening and Preventing COVID-19 Infections.” This Field Guide was last updated January 19, 2021, and it will be our primary guideline for holding camp this year.

  • “Suggestions for Youth and Summer Camps: COVID-19,” published by the CDC. Last updated January 9, 2021.

  • “Coronavirus COVID-19 Considerations for Camps,” published by the Association of Camp Nursing.

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The CDC released a planning tool to help camps prepare for summer 2021. We are working with doctors and nurses to evaluate what level of risk the camp presents to participants and staff, and in what way we can best implement the guidance to ensure everyone arrives and departs healthy.

In January 2021, the American Camp Association and the YMCA partnered to produce a Field Guide to help camps implement the CDC guidance regarding Covid-19 at camps (see document to the right). We are working closely with All Saints Camp to ensure that we hold camp in a safe and healthy way.

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