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The Ukrainian Folk Singing Experience

Women ages 14 and up           July 30 – August 6

This track consists of 3 hours daily of folk singing, overlapping eurhythmics exercise, and evening rehearsals with the Kobzarska Sich Full Ensemble (joining the Bandura Camp participants). The Ukrainian Folk Singing Experience participants will also have sessions dedicated to Ukrainian folklore, and attend listening lectures and sessions about bandura, kobzarstvo, Ukrainian folk music, and more. Attendees will also have the option of some light bandura instruction, introducing them into the world of the bandura. (*Instruments will be provided free of charge.  No need to bring or rent a bandura.)


Fun and Relaxation

Participants have time for sports, swimming, relaxation, and fun-crafted evening activities coordinated by our counselor staff. From evening bonfires to volleyball tournaments, KS is an excellent place to experience the great outdoors.

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