Frequently Asked Questions

What makes KS different from other bandura camps in North America?

KS is the only two-week bandura program, and the only one that has classes geared toward a full range of bandurists: beginners, intermediate, advanced, and expert-level players (see Other Bandura Camps). While Bobriwka, Zustrich, and ODUM offer incredible opportunities for beginners and intermediate students, KS is unique in that it helps both novices and experts to hone their technique.  We also offer vocal-only programs for those that just want to sing.

Do I need any prior musical experience?

Nope! Some first-time participants have no musical experience, some have no bandura experience, and some have been playing for years.  While being able to read music is helpful, it is not necessary

What if I don't have a Bandura?

No worries! If you can't bring your bandura to camp, or if you do not have a bandura, you can rent one for the duration of camp. The bandura rental fee is $100 for 2 weeks, plus a $100 damage deposit. Please be sure to let us know in advance so that we can have a bandura waiting for you!

Where do campers sleep?

Boys' and girls' cabins are located on the east and west sides of the campground, respectively. Each cabin is furnished with four bunk beds located in a main room that can sleep up to eight campers.  There is also a separate small room where one or two counselors sleep. All the cabins have electricity and campers are welcome to bring fans. While there are mattresses on the bunk beds, linens are not provided, so be sure you bring a sleeping bag and pillow!  Restroom facilities are located on each side of the camp in the cabin areas. Each washhouse has toilets, as well as sinks and showers with hot water.

What do Campers Eat?

The All Saints Camp has a mess hall where an excellent cooking staff serves 3 meals a day—breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The kitchen staff also leaves out fresh fruit for campers to snack on throughout the day.  All dietary restrictions can be accommodated, but be sure you let us know in advance on you application of any food needs or allergies so that the cook can prepare.  Participants are welcomes to bring personal snacks to keep in their cabins.

What does a typical day look like?

We're changing up the daily camp schedule this year and adding elective courses in addition to the regular bandura and vocal program.  A generic daily schedule can be found here​, but a more detailed daily schedule for each program will be available in February. There will still be daily free time where participants can take advantage of the many outdoor recreational activities available at ASC, including a swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, sand volleyball, and soccer.  

What do I need to bring?

A complete packing list will be available to download from this website when participant registration opens.

Are there any scholarships available?

Yes! Through the generosity of private donors, each year KS provides scholarship opportunities for those who need help paying camp tuition.  Details of the scholarship application process are included with the registration forms, which will be available February 15. We are very grateful for the generous support from our sponsors for these scholarships!

Can I visit during camp?

We welcome everyone to our final concert. During camp, however, for the safety of the campers and staff, and to limit interruptions, we have a tight visitor policy. All visitors require prior approval from the camp director(s). If you are interested in stopping by, please fill out the visitor form found here and we will be in touch. We also ask that you make a small contribution to camp, either in the form of a donation or a musical performance for the campers.  

How do I sign up?

Visit this page for application information!  Registration opens February 15.  Registrations received after June 1 are subject to a $100 late fee.  Register early to reserve your spot!





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