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The "Kobzarska Sich" Bandura and Vocal Programs give you an opportunity to disconnect from the daily grind and immerse yourself in a Ukrainian musical experience. Whether it’s your first experience picking up a bandura, or you'd like to perfect your technique, our programs allow everyone to hone their skills while creating unforgettable memories. Founded in 1979, Kobzarska Sich brings together bandura players from all over the world to learn and share the bandura's unique art form.

About Kobzarska Sich Bandura Camp

KS is held at All Saints Ukrainian Orthodox Camp in Emlenton, Pennsylvania. All Saints offers over 90 acres of pristine beauty in the Allegheny Mountains. The camp's facilities include volleyball courts, a swimming pool, 10 cabins for participants, a Millennium Cultural Center with housing and classrooms, an activities pavilion, tennis and basketball courts, an infirmary, and exquisite nature trails.

Kobzarska Sich is an immersive summer experience where campers of all ages learn Ukrainian bandura and choral music. Our vision: providing participants with an unparalleled opportunity to learn from the best musicians in our community.


Each day, campers have 2–3 periods of "core" courses (i.e., bandura or choral) and 2–3 periods of elective courses. The electives range from conducting to audio technology to arranging. Campers indicate their preferences for courses in their registration forms.

August 1 – 15, 2020

The KS 2020 bandura course — KS's flagship program — gives campers an opportunity to work with top-level bandura instructors from around the world. Second to none in both its breadth and depth, the two-week bandura course allows campers to learn bandura basics or to hone their skills, while also developing their other interests with elective courses.

This course is designed for students ages 12 and up, and for adults of all ages. 

August 8–15, 2020

The Choral Workshop features solo and ensemble singing (a capella and with bandura accompaniment). Participants will have the opportunity to broaden their musical knowledge with music listening lectures and attend individualized voice lessons. 

The Choral Workshop is designed for older teenagers and adults of all ages.

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What if I don't play bandura?

No problem! KS is structured so that those who are picking up a bandura for the first time can excel, too! Banduras are available for rent for those who do not have access to instruments.

Scholarship opportunities

"Kobzarska Sich" Bandura and Vocal Programs provide scholarship opportunities for those who need help paying the costs of attending camp. Kobzarska Sich offers scholarships through the generosity of private donors. Full and partial scholarships are available this year; please see the last two pages of this registration package on how to apply.