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Thank you!

Kobzarska Sich wouldn't be possible without the generous support from our sponsors. We are grateful and fortunate to have friends that provide both organizational support and financial assistance with donations to underwrite our annual operations and scholarship fund support.

We invite you to support Kobzarska Sich. Over time, KS has become an incubator of bandura artistry. An exchange of ideas and international musicianship has prevailed for over four decades. Your annual donation will underwrite tuition costs and help us bring together some of the most talented bandura instructors from around the world.




Michelle Schidowka Memorial Fund

Having embraced Ukrainian culture at an early age, Michelle Ann Bycko Schidowka was enthusiastic about Ukrainian dance, Ukrainian singing, and the bandura. In her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, Michelle was a dancer with the Kashtan Ukrainian Dance Ensemble and first administrator, and singer, with the Zorya Ukrainian Female Vocal Ensemble.  Both ensembles being under the auspices of the Ukrainian Cultural Arts Association of Great Cleveland (UCAA). Michelle took bandura lessons at the Hryhory Kytasty Cleveland School of Bandura where she later became an instructor. She had a long-time relationship with Kobzarska Sich (KS) as a student, teacher, and camp director. KS is also where she met her husband Nick, and where, today, her children Alex and Sophie attend during these special two weeks later in the summer. Michelle passed away on September 10, 2018 after a short battle with cancer. With the support of Michelle’s family, the Michelle Schidowka Memorial Fund was established with the goal to provide future children and students the ability to experience the music and beauty that Michelle contributed to KS during her lifetime.


Ivan (John) Zinchuk Memorial Scholarship Fund at the Ukrainian Canadian Foundation of Taras Shevchenko

During his life, Ivan “John” Zinchuk was deeply involved with Ukrainian song and dance in Alberta, Canada and beyond. He was a member of the Ukrainian Male Chorus of Edmonton (UMCE) for 20 years and served on the group’s executive. In addition to the UMCE, he was a member of the Ukrainian Dnipro Ensemble of Edmonton and took an active role in organizing their concerts and tours. As well, Ivan sang in the baritone section of ScholaCantorum choir and also with its spin-off ensemble AXIOS. He was a member of St. Josaphat Cathedral parish in Edmonton and was a church choir soloist. For several years, Ivan was also an active member, and soloist, of the internationally renowned, Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus of North America. On November 4, 2009, Ivan passed away in Edmonton after a hard-fought battle with cancer. With the support of the Zinchuk family, a scholarship in Ivan’s memory was established to benefit young, aspiring musicians who share John’s love for Ukrainian culture and dedication to Ukrainian song.


Stefania Krislatyj Memorial
Scholarship Fund

Stefania Krislatyj was a long-time resident of Cleveland, Ohio after moving to the United States from Ukraine post WWII. She was a long-time supporter of the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus of North America (UBC). At the time of her passing in 2015, the Krislaty Family requested that memorial donations be used for supporting aspiring bandura enthusiasts at Kobzarska Sich. Mrs. Krislaty’s sons, Zenon and Ihor, are long-time members of the UBC.


Vera and Wolodymyr Murha
Scholarship Fund

In recognition of many years of support to the bandura community, an anonymous donor established this scholarship in honor of Vera and Wolodymyr Murha. Their association with bandura started when Wolodymyr began his bandura studies with Petro Kytasty then later as a musician with the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus of North America (UBC). Many know Vera from her constant presence at UBC concerts and specifically behind the table as the merchandise ambassador on behalf of the ensemble. They have traveled together for over three decades to support the UBC and Kobzarska Sich. Currently, Vera and Wolodymyr reside in the Detroit, Michigan area.

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