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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any prior musical experience?

No. Some first-time participants have no musical experience, some have no bandura experience, and some have been playing for years.  While being able to read music is helpful, it is not necessary. If you do not read music but plan to attend, we strongly encourage you to learn to read music in the time remaining before July!

What if I don't have  a bandura?

If you can't bring your bandura to camp, or if you do not have a bandura, you can rent one for the duration of camp. This year, the Hryhory Kytasty Cleveland School of Bandura is sponsoring our bandura. To ensure a bandura will be reserved for you, please fill out the request form no later than July 12, 2024. (Non-bandura program campers don't need to have or rent a bandura!)


Where do participants sleep?

Separate boys' and girls' cabins are located on the campground. Each cabin is furnished with four bunk beds located in a main room that can sleep up to eight people. There is a small side room where a counselor sleeps. All the cabins have electricity, and campers are welcome to bring fans. While there are mattresses on the bunk beds, linens are not provided, so be sure you bring a sleeping bag, sheets, and pillow. Washrooms with hot water are on each side of the camp in the cabin areas.

What do participants eat?

The All Saints Camp has a dining hall where an excellent cooking staff serves 3 meals a day—breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The kitchen staff also leaves out fresh fruit for campers to snack on throughout the day.  All dietary restrictions can be accommodated, but be sure you let us know in advance on you application of any food needs or allergies so that the cook can prepare.  Participants are welcomes to bring personal snacks to keep in their cabins.

What if camp is too expensive for my family?

Our sponsors and donors help support those young bandurists who show exceptional promise or who have difficulty paying the attendance costs. Please see the registration page for more information.

We are very glad to offer scholarships for those who need financial assistance in attending camp. We hope that everyone who would like to attend KS will be able to, with the support of our scholarship programs.

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