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  Ukrainian Folk Experience   

 Open to students 14+ 

 August 4 – August 10 2024

 at All Saints Camp in Emlenton, Pennsylvania 

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Immerse yourself in Ukrainian folk!

Participants in this program will experience a vibrant cultural immersion, exploring traditional music, rituals, and crafts firsthand. Whether connecting with Ukrainian heritage or embracing cultural diversity, these hands-on experiences foster personal growth and strong community bonds. By participating, you contribute to preserving and promoting Ukraine's rich cultural traditions for future generations to enjoy.

Sing your
heart out!

This track consists of three hours daily of folk singing, overlapping eurhythmics exercise, and evening rehearsals with the Kobzarska Sich Full Ensemble (joining the Bandura Camp participants). 

A holistic experience

The Ukrainian Folk Singing Experience participants will also have sessions dedicated to Ukrainian folklore, and attend listening lectures and sessions about bandura, kobzarstvo, Ukrainian folk music, and more. Attendees will also have the option of some light bandura instruction, introducing them into the world of the bandura. (*Instruments will be provided free of charge.  No need to bring or rent a bandura.)


Nadia Tarnawsky
2024 Folk Experience Director

Nadia Tarnawsky has been studying Eastern European singing techniques for nearly two decades with leading teachers including Mariana Sadowska, Nina Matvienko, Lilia Pavlovska, Albanian singer Merita Halili and Bulgarian singers Donka Koleva and Maria Bebelekova. Nadia Tarnawsky is a recipient of a Fulbright Award. She spent much of 2017 and 2018 in Ukraine collecting traditional Ukrainian folk music. Other awards include a Traditional Arts Fellowship from Artist Trust, a Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship from the University of Kansas which allowed her to collect traditional folk songs and folklore in Ukraine as well as an Artist Support Residency from Jack Straw Productions which provided studio time to record an album with her ensemble Alchymeia

She has performed and recorded with dozens of ensembles, including the GRAMMY®-nominated Capella Romana choir, Kitka Women's Vocal Ensemble, Ukrainian Village Voices, Dunava Ensemble, and more. Her website

Watch nadia conduct at kobzarska sich:

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